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The Laughing Salesman New: Episode 1 Impression

When I first read about The Laughing Salesman New being aired this season and wanted to know more about the series I was shocked to see this is an adaption from a Manga that was created back in 1968. Created by Fujiko Fujio A, his real name Motoo Abiko who is one half duo who created Doraemon with Fujiko F. Fujo, real name Hiroshi Fujimoto. Both Mangaka’s adopted a collaborative style, worked simultaneously on story and artwork. These two mangaka’s were heavily influenced with the works of Osamu Tezuka

Being an old series I thought I would have at least heard about this series before, but you learn something new everyday. There was an anime adoption of the series created back in 1989 but these were 103 short episodes.

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Shin-Ei Animation is back at it again creating a new series. Unsure if you have to have seen the first adaptation, if this is a sequel or just a new adaption. The title does have new in there. (Warau Salesman New). But after watching it I don’t think you have to have seen the first series.

Going in to this knowing nothing and with a Fukuzou quickly explaining who he is and what he does to his customers who are lonely seemed very quirky.

The OP made me acknowledge that this show will not take it self seriously but it doesn’t mean that the episode does have deeper meaning. The episode is split in to two parts, and we see him dealing with two customers experiencing some sort of issue and he tries to help them to have a better outcome.

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There were fantastic animation throughout the episode, very whacky in some places and out of the ordinary but I would say the first customer character design didn’t suit well with me and I was relieved further on in the episode I could cope with the designs. This is only my opinion and you might not care on how they are portrayed off the wall in a comical sense.

What I have learned with my experience is not to judge by pictures you see or the first minutes in to the episode before making up your mind. I am glad I watched all of it and I didn’t drop it.

The question is now would I continue watching it. I did find this funny so I hope it continues being funny but I wonder how long it may take before it may become repetitive with each customer. While writing this I have no idea on the episode count.

This is a strange one that I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy but I did. I recommend giving it a watch if you like Comedy and Drama.

If you would like to watch this series, you can do so on Crunchyroll.


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