Tsugumomo: episode 1 impression

I was finally able to watch Tsugumomo as it became available on Crunchyroll, 2 episodes in fact. Slated for 12 episodes and based of the manga which began 10 years ago.

Knowing this has Ecchi; I was hoping it wouldn’t be that much as I am not found of that genre anymore. It did have some at the beginning and cliché moments like in the bathroom but nothing over the top that I disliked.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 23.36.32

We get introduced to Kazuya before meeting Kiriha who appeared in to his life, I wont say how but mysterious kind of way. From then on it just get’s slightly troublesome and embarrassing for Kazuya in the normal Ecchi kind of way.

This seems to be the third anime that Zero-G has created. I thought the animation was nice, nothing I disliked which was good. The best thing from watching the first episode was the epic music used, from when I heard it I knew the man behind it, Takanashi, Yasuharu. The action scenes were awesome to watch, not only with the animation but the episode soundtrack that was used to accompany it.

When I first saw OP when this was released this was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to check it out as it looked like an entertaining series. And I was pleased with the outcome of the episode.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 23.35.06

Like I said in my eromanga sensei impression, I do hope that this series won’t just turn out more ero (pervy), the ecchi that was shown I could tolerate, but the question is for how long will be until possibly something I will see will put me off watching it. Hopefully nothing will.

I would highly recommend this if you like Comedy, Ecchi and Supernatural series.

If you would like to watch this series, you can do so on Crunchyroll.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 23.40.27

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  1. Ehh, if you are not really fond of ecchi I would suggest you drop it. The manga of Tsugumomo is a weird one. It has some of the most amazing action scenes of any series and a pretty damn good plot actually, but it’s also very perverted. Like, as close to porn as you could possibly get without being explicit.

    1. Hi, and thanks for checking out my impression. Thanks for the heads up, I for one have not read the manga so I wouldn’t know if it was similar or some alterations. Fan service Ecchi that appears frequent that I don’t like, this didn’t have that at the meantime but I wonder if that will change. Appreciate the feedback!

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