Spring 2017 Anime

I thought I would do an update on what I have been watching during the spring anime season, as some of the first impressions I wrote on here I have stopped watching.

Now if you have been following me for a long time you will certainly know I am big fan of Naruto and I’m defiantly going to carry on watching Boruto: Naruto Next generations. I personally haven’t found any episode being a weak one so far (currently on episode 7). I have enjoyed every moment of it and eager to watch the next episode when it airs. I enjoy the new cast of characters and the old. The action scenes have been great to watch and I enjoying hearing the soundtrack for the series. The only thing I want from this now is the reveal of the mystery shadow that is going on with this arc and when will we get to the pre/post graduation stage of things.


The highly anticipated Attack on Titan season 2 seems that it has not disappointed anyone thus far. I was not overly excited about it’s return than some people but with seasons 1 cliffhanger and that I don’t read the manga but I did want to continue to see what happens next. Episode 6 (33) is where I really started getting interested (currently on 7). And if you have watched it you know what I am talking about with that sudden cliffhanger from those two episodes. It was a long wait for this season but I have enjoyed it for the most part.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 13.53.36

While I watched the first episode of Tsukigakirei, I explained that I did not like the style but it did grow in time and it’s just a nice relaxing series to watch. It’s not a series I would recommend unless you like the genre but it’s one of these series that didn’t instantly hook me, so I could have easily stopped watching it. I do stand on what I said in my first impressions such as the CGI, but with everything else I just seemed to get over it or it grew on me.


One of my favourites this season is Sakura Quest. The first thing I compare it with is Hanasaku Iroha even though it’s different it just has some of the same aspects such as main protagonist leaves big town and works in the countryside, friends help each other out etc., it does fall under the working series such as Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako. Koharu, Yoshino has become one of my favourite characters, which for me I don’t tend to put a lot of characters in my favourite list. The whole community aspect and the characters working hard is an enjoyable one to watch. The animation is wonderful but not in highest quality that I have seen from P.A Works, but that doesn’t matter when I enjoy everything else from it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.49.34

Eromanga sensei is something I thought I would stop watching but funny enough I am still continuing watching it and I don’t really have a good answer why but from the last episode I watched (episode 6) is where the big rivalry of the story comes in to play. What I said in my impressions that I am not really interested in the ero/ecchi series anymore but I don’t think this has gone over the top of me to stop watching it but that each to their own on what they class on what is too much.

The last two series which is a bit of hit and miss are the laughing salesman and Alice & Zourkou. I believe the laughing salesman is 12 episodes long, if so that would be enough but if this was going to be an ongoing series I am not sure if I would continue with it. Not that I don’t like this over the top funny series, I do enjoy it and it’s a great concept of ‘what comes around goes around’. The 2 short stories in one episode is decent enough to keep you entertained and except for possibly 3 I have enjoyed all of it. And I would recommend this if you were after some comedy. With Alice & Zourkou, I was on the verge of stopping but after watching episode 5 I thought I would continue, saying this I have not watched episode 6 onwards yet. I would say it’s interesting and something different enough that it kept me entertained but not as much as the other series that I have watched this season.


There were a few more that I did check out but did not write and impression on the episode. I also got around watching Mobile Suit Gundam  (Dir. Sekita, Osamu, 1979) during the Easter break.

What have you been watching this season?

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