Where am I?

I know I have not posted anything for over a year. My last update on this site was E3 2017.

If you follow my Facebook page and Twitter you may know where I am, if you do not well I am currently living in Japan. After a long hard process of me trying to get work here I finally moved in March.

My current situation on YouTube and other social media has been on halt. I am very active on Twitter, sometimes on Facebook but I have not posted a video on YouTube for a long time. I wanted to go on hiatus and try to figure out what I wanted to do with my channel. I will just say what I said on my Facebook page a while back.

“The reason you followed me is most likely due to YouTube and yes I have not posted anything in a while, and I tend not do anything anytime soon. I have not got the time nor passion on doing anything anymore. The community I was in was Anime and I guess it’s either that or my love for video games is the reason you follow me. I am tired of the Anime YouTube community and do not wish to post any more of these types of videos. I have not gone off anime, I am still a fan which you probably can see on here (on facebook) with some of the photos I have taken. I just do not wish to talk about it anymore in video form.

You can still follow what I have been watching on MyAnimeList and Kitsu even though as I have been very busy as of late I am way behind everything and have had issues for Crunchyroll to work.

I will try my best to keep posting on here and Twitter in the mean time but as for YouTube, my long hiatus continues and quite possibly this is the end of the BDT87.”

I posted this back in June, now what I mean by the end of BDT87 is the username itself I have used at the dawn of time when I started going on the internet, back in the dialup days. It’s not that I hate it, but I think everything I have done in the past is tied to that name, and I am unsure if I do start again would it be under the same name or new name/channel. And of course I have no idea what content I will be making as I do not want to talk about anime and video gaming anymore. I could leave the channel open as if I did want to post something about that topic but I don’t really want to be known as two different identities.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited, shared and commented on my content on here. My Youkai Watch comparisons does get views rather often even daily which I find amazing because they were only pictures and not very good ones.

And please watch this space, if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them, but I think it would be best if you message me on Twitter or Facebook rather than on here.

Thanks again,


A heated discussion

Before reading this I just want to say that this is my personal preference of watching anime and my subjective opinion on the matter, you are free to disapprove on my opinion.

I thought this would be a good topic to write about after my ‘heated’ discussion last night with good ol’ Jeremy Graves from Anime Limited on Twitter.

Let me just say this before continuing on, I don’t dislike or hate the Jeremy, I have met him and spoken with him a few times when I go to MCM London Comic con and always enjoy listening to his podcasts when he was at Manga entertainment and to this day Anime Limited.




Yesterday I decided to start watching Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Blu-Ray, a release from Anime Limited. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mobile Suit Gundam and was eager to continue my adventure with the series. Everything was perfect with that release and would have presumed everything would be the same with Zeta.

The Opening comes on and then quickly I am disappointed to see the credits are in English, more and that later. But that wasn’t the only thing that made me disappointed, within couple of seconds I realise that the opening these song is not the correct one. I go online to double check and realise that it’s the North American version was used.

This is when I started tweeting for some answers but I knew it wasn’t going to be Anime Limited’s fault as they don’t create these masters but require them from other companies in Japan and America.

What’s the problem I hear you ask, well for one, I like to watch everything in it’s original state, that includes movies as well. I’m not going to watch ‘Das Boot, 1981 Dir. Wolfgan Petersen’ in English dubbed audio for example. I would like to watch the content on how the Directors original product was released.

Since I started buying anime the credits varies from different companies.

Bleach for example which is released by Viz Media in N.A and by Manga in the UK has English credits, and if I remember correctly the 4 films released have different credits, one is in English the other is in Japanese. I wish they would stay consistent. The first Naruto movie, the title of movie is changed to an English version, and again some of the credits would be different. I can’t remember which movie is different as it’s been a long time but I do know it’s not in its original state.

The Studio Ghibli’s release is a great example, when they all came out by Optimum after the success of Spirited Away. Everything would be in English but when they Blu-Rays came out they were all in it’s original state in Japanese which I was very happy about, until they released The Wind Rises and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya which they reverted back to English.

(My own collection, since then I have sold my DVD’s)

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 18.57.01

What I’m saying is that I can let this go with a big sigh, but would much rather it be left alone and have the credits of the English cast/companies be used after each episode like they did with Mobile Suit Gundam.

The opening music on the other hand was a big blow for me because this is the first time that I own something that has a massive change like that. The best example I could give would be Dragon Ball; this is where a lot of fans would have their own different opinion on which soundtrack they like better, either the one that they grew up with while watching it on TV or the original version, which was how it was intended. I believe they did a wonderful job on this with the Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Boxes release, which is now out of print. You could argue that this is the same problem as with Zeta.




I am unaware if this series was released in TV in N.A or was a straight on to DVD release. What I’m trying to say is that the people who did watch this when it was released the first time may have some nostalgia factor to it and would prefer the America OP/ED versions. But for someone like me who is getting in to it the first time, I am expected to see it how it was originally viewed in Japan.

What I have read online that when it was released stateside they had copyright issues of using them 3 songs, the 2 OP and the ED. Something similar to Eden of the East I believe as ‘Falling Down by Oasis’ song was used for the OP and they couldn’t use it when it was released here in the West.

I am not sure where I am getting at because at the end of the day there will be always issues from time to time. And as Jeremy said that this shouldn’t ruin my experience and we are lucky to even have it released. Yes we are lucky and I am happy that we have a series from the past that we can watch. The only thing I can do is to skip the OP/ED and get on with watching the episodes. But maybe what frustrated me the most was it is the OP, and that’s a big part of getting you pumped up for upcoming episode ahead, and while the ED has also changed I don’t like seeing companies websites on there, old or modern. You can advertise this after the episode is done or in the booklets, leaflets etc.

While that is little rant you could say over. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this because I did have some replies from my discussion on twitter about it. While some of you might just say “Who cares?’

Hopefully the next Gundam release there won’t be any more issues and if there are changes in Gundam or any other series, hopefully Jeremy could keep us all informed on his newswire articles, like he mentioned there was no episode 15 in the first Gundam release.


Rather disappointed on what was actually announced because there was only 2 surprise announcements. The other series which was mentioned was ERASED, but we knew this was coming out.

  • Hyouka coming on Blu-Ray and DVD in Parts. Collectors edition.
  • Wolf’s Rain Blu-Ray release complete collectors edition.

Hyouka was released on Blu-ray in Japan back in 2015 as a complete box set, Wolf’s Rain has not been released in Japan and the Blu-ray is made by Funimation.

Nice to see Hyouka coming out and for those who missed Wolf’s Rain back in the day,
I have the Beez entertainment release of Wolf’s Rain: The Definitive Edition. I assume that has now lost it’s value.



MVM Anime announcements – MCM London May 2017

Not the biggest fan of MVM releases. There are some here that I have not watched that are still in my queue on Crunchyroll such as Girlish number and Flip Flappers.
Granblu I did not bother watching this season.

Always nice to see an older series getting a Blu-ray release, especially over here. Fruits Basket was released in Japan on Blu-ray back in November 2016 and getting released soon by Funimation.

  • Armed Girl’s Machiavellism
  • Fate/Grand Order -First Order-
  • Flip Flappers
  • Fruits Baskets (Coming on Blu-ray)
  • Girlish Number
  • Granblue Fantasy the Animation
  • Grimoire of Zero
  • Matoi the Sacred Slayer
  • New Initial D the Movie Legend Trilogy
  • Sagrada Reset
  • Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side

Is there anything announced that you are happy about?

Spring 2017 Anime

I thought I would do an update on what I have been watching during the spring anime season, as some of the first impressions I wrote on here I have stopped watching.

Now if you have been following me for a long time you will certainly know I am big fan of Naruto and I’m defiantly going to carry on watching Boruto: Naruto Next generations. I personally haven’t found any episode being a weak one so far (currently on episode 7). I have enjoyed every moment of it and eager to watch the next episode when it airs. I enjoy the new cast of characters and the old. The action scenes have been great to watch and I enjoying hearing the soundtrack for the series. The only thing I want from this now is the reveal of the mystery shadow that is going on with this arc and when will we get to the pre/post graduation stage of things.


The highly anticipated Attack on Titan season 2 seems that it has not disappointed anyone thus far. I was not overly excited about it’s return than some people but with seasons 1 cliffhanger and that I don’t read the manga but I did want to continue to see what happens next. Episode 6 (33) is where I really started getting interested (currently on 7). And if you have watched it you know what I am talking about with that sudden cliffhanger from those two episodes. It was a long wait for this season but I have enjoyed it for the most part.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 13.53.36

While I watched the first episode of Tsukigakirei, I explained that I did not like the style but it did grow in time and it’s just a nice relaxing series to watch. It’s not a series I would recommend unless you like the genre but it’s one of these series that didn’t instantly hook me, so I could have easily stopped watching it. I do stand on what I said in my first impressions such as the CGI, but with everything else I just seemed to get over it or it grew on me.


One of my favourites this season is Sakura Quest. The first thing I compare it with is Hanasaku Iroha even though it’s different it just has some of the same aspects such as main protagonist leaves big town and works in the countryside, friends help each other out etc., it does fall under the working series such as Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako. Koharu, Yoshino has become one of my favourite characters, which for me I don’t tend to put a lot of characters in my favourite list. The whole community aspect and the characters working hard is an enjoyable one to watch. The animation is wonderful but not in highest quality that I have seen from P.A Works, but that doesn’t matter when I enjoy everything else from it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 14.49.34

Eromanga sensei is something I thought I would stop watching but funny enough I am still continuing watching it and I don’t really have a good answer why but from the last episode I watched (episode 6) is where the big rivalry of the story comes in to play. What I said in my impressions that I am not really interested in the ero/ecchi series anymore but I don’t think this has gone over the top of me to stop watching it but that each to their own on what they class on what is too much.

The last two series which is a bit of hit and miss are the laughing salesman and Alice & Zourkou. I believe the laughing salesman is 12 episodes long, if so that would be enough but if this was going to be an ongoing series I am not sure if I would continue with it. Not that I don’t like this over the top funny series, I do enjoy it and it’s a great concept of ‘what comes around goes around’. The 2 short stories in one episode is decent enough to keep you entertained and except for possibly 3 I have enjoyed all of it. And I would recommend this if you were after some comedy. With Alice & Zourkou, I was on the verge of stopping but after watching episode 5 I thought I would continue, saying this I have not watched episode 6 onwards yet. I would say it’s interesting and something different enough that it kept me entertained but not as much as the other series that I have watched this season.


There were a few more that I did check out but did not write and impression on the episode. I also got around watching Mobile Suit Gundam  (Dir. Sekita, Osamu, 1979) during the Easter break.

What have you been watching this season?

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