Skull and Bones


That had to be the best UbiSoft conference I have seen. No nonsense, horrible jokes or any cringe. (Except for the Just Dance moment but I can let that pass.)


It had a fantastic start with the announcement of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle and the appearance of Miyamoto. Most of us saw the reveal of the game before the conference, but to actually see it on stage and the game play and the huge excitement for it was great. I will be honest when I first heard of this I wasn’t really interested on getting it. I don’t know if I will but I am more intrigued now after seeing it and the graphics was great. It seemed that UbiSoft had a lot of creative control on this game. And it’s coming out soon, August 29th for the Nintendo Switch.

It was nice to see more Assassin’s Creed Origins.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole now scheduled to be released in October.
I wanted to play the Stick of Truth but didn’t get round to it and it was censored in Europe which was off putting.

A nice surprise was a game called Skull and Bones, looks and plays similar to Assassin’s Creed Back Flag. Set in 1721, a 5v5 PVP game coming out fall 2018

The biggest surprise for everyone was Beyond Good and Evil 2, now I can’t say I am excited as I never played the first one but it looked pretty cool, and it’s good to see that everyone is excited for this.