E3 Xbox One Conference 2017 thoughts

Project Scorpio was announced and it’s official name has been revealed. Xbox One X.

The most powerful console ever and the smallest Xbox that has been released.

The price tag $499, and at show floor people did applaud.

All the games looked gorgeous, a lot of exclusive and first console launch exclusives but nothing that I really excited for and wish I could play or need to buy.

The only time I actually cheered was seeing Assassins Creed Origins trailer and game play footage. I have no idea why; as I have yet to finish Black Flag, even start Unity that I own. It did look good, but I am unsure if I will continue with this series.

I was impressed to see that now Xbox One is now backwards compatibility with the original Xbox games.

A good strong conference overall, and they had a good one last year. I really hope PlayStation can top this, as their conference last year was just ok unlike in 2014/2015 when they had fantastic conference. Yes I am a PlayStation fan if you didn’t know. But I always watch my competition and I was impressed on what Xbox brought to this years E3.

Now I have to patiently wait for PlayStation and Nintendo’s Direct.

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